Douglas Irving

Associate Professor

University Faculty Scholar
  • 919-515-6154
  • Engineering Building I (EB1) 3028A

Douglas Irving’s interests include multiscale and atomistic simulation of interfacial degradation, thermal and mass transport, lubrication, and wear mechanisms; first principles simulation of optoelectronic properties, heterogeneous interfaces, surfaces, ultrathin films, and degradation mechanisms.

Dr. Irving’s research group uses multiscale, atomistic and first principles simulation to develop a fundamental understanding of materials used in technologically important applications and processes. Current projects include multiscale simulation of the degradation of metal catalytic layers in solid oxide fuel cells, degradation of metal/metal electrical contacts, lubrication, thermal and mass transport, and electric current driven processes, as well as, first principles simulation of degradation mechanisms, interfacial structure, stability of ultrathin films, optoelectronics, and growth mechanisms.


Ph.D. 2004

Materials Science and Engineering

University of Florida

M.S. 2002

Materials Science and Engineering

University of Florida

B.S. 1997


Furman University


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